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Welcome to my web-site.... this is the repository for my portfolio and resume.
I am a Professional Software Engineer with over 36 years of experience.

This page provides a brief summary of my qualifications as well as an overview of my most recent work.   Also there are several links to pages that provide more details about that project and two others I have selected that I think will offer the most accurate picture of who I am as software engineer and what capabilities I bring to the projects I have worked on.  These other pages include technical design diagrams, specific technologies and skills involved for each part of the project, screenshots of software or products created by me and any other information I felt would be relevant.  All the projects that I have included were either designed and created solely by me, or with me as the primary hands-on developer.

At the bottom of this page you can find a link to my current availability and other details about contracting for my services.  If you feel your organization would be interested in talking with me, or if you have any questions, my contact information is at the bottom of every page.

About me....
I have developed and marketed several commercial software products and lead development teams of up to 20 designers and developers.   In addition to standalone applications I have also developed complete N-tier client-server systems as well as complete web-sites and web-applications.   Because of my long career and my unwillingness to back away from a hands-on role in every project, I am able to function with proficiency in every role of the software development process.   It also allowed me to build a very diverse skill-set, while still focusing on a few core abilities.   Below is a list of the technologies I am working with at present.   I have marked in blue those skills I have been using for over 10 years and in green those at least 5, both denote those I have used consistently and understand thoroughly.   The remainder are skills I have acquired in the past 2-5 years and am proficient with for normal development but am still learning and do not consider to be core competencies.

Skills Inventory

      ▰   c#   •   .NET   •   ASP.NET  [Framework 4.8 & Core 3.1]
      ▰   Windows Presentation Foundation [WPF]
      ▰   Windows Forms [WF]
      ▰   SQL-Server [MSSQL]
      ▰   Internet Information Server [IIS]
      ▰   Windows Communication Foundation [WCF]
      ▰   Entity Framework
      ▰   Blazor Server, WebAssembly & Native
      ▰   Java   •   Kotlin   •   Swing   •   JavaFX
      ▰   NGinx   •   Node.js
      ▰   Apache   •   PHP
      ▰   SQLite3   •   MySQL
      ▰   Angular   •   jQuery
      ▰   HTML   •   CSS   •   Javascript
      ▰   Bootstrap   •   MaterialKit
      ▰   IoT:   •   Raspberry Pi   •   GPIO

A recent project which I highlight below was the development of a system that included complex device control software that allowed customers to control various water purification products via a web-application.   This project made use of the very latest technologies and nearly every skill I have listed above.   It also included server software, database management, a web-application serving as a customer portal, and embedded IoT control software.   The project took 4 years to complete and the result was the creation of 2 working prototypes suitable for manufacturing of final products.

The first three link bars below will send you to pages that have screenshots of some of the software components along with some very basic information, as well as a list of what technologies were used.   The fourth link goes to a page with screenshots of the actual product prototypes I designed and created.

Recent Projects [2016-2020]

The Data Management Application referenced in #2 above was created using the following project, AppBuilder.   It took two days to complete and it contains 0 [ZERO] lines of code other than initializing and instantiating AppBuilder.

AppBuilder is an advanced applications framework that allows a developer to build data-driven applications in a fraction of the time takes them when using only standard tools with c# and .Net

AppBuilder version 1.0 was created by a small team of developers including me, and took nearly five years to produce.   Since I was the project lead and creator I developed the specifications and managed the team remotely, as well as writing the majority of the code.   After version 1.0 was released I began using it for client development projects whenever possible, as did most of the other members of the team.  Several forks of the code were made over the years by some of the original team members, and it remains in use and is being actively maintained and enhanced.

Other Projects

The entirety of this web-site is available in printed form as well as PDF files including my portfolio, resume and all project data I have presented here.

If you would like to receive a printed hardcopy just send me an email and include the destination address.   Or if you would like PDF files send me an email and let me know whether you would like to download the files or have them sent to you via email.   I have created separate PDF files for each of the 11 pages of this site to make it easier to review.   They are less than 12mb in size combined and uncompressed.

A Personal Message

I take on very few projects in recent years, and only those where I am sure I can devote myself to it at a level that results in delivering absolute success to my clients, every time, no matter what.   Exactly as I have throughout my entire 36-year career.   My lifelong passion and commitment to my craft and my uncompromising standards consistently bring world-class software to my clients regardless of their corporate footprint or the size of their project budget.   And regardless of the degree to which I may, or may not, profit personally from the project.   THAT is the level of performance and dedication you can expect when you hire me.   Because EVERY project is personal to me.

Thank You -David

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