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Below is an overview of a project I am currently working on with a highlight of what technologies were employed for each component of the system.  It demonstrates the wide variety of skills I offer my clients, and that I will always use the best tool for each task, never limiting my options to just the tools that are already in my toolbox.   Several of the technologies listed in my skills inventory were learned for and during this project.   Adding new tools or skills and becoming proficient very quickly is a normal part of the way I work.   And it's how I keep my skill set so current, which I consider to be a first class priority.   I learn new things very quickly whether it's a new language or a new set of libraries.   And it takes me very little time to become productive with a new tool even though it may take years to master.

The goal of this project is to develop water purification products that operate via an intelligent control system based on a single IoT framework, which includes several software components that were designed from the ground up to function with not only all their current products but also future products.   This universal design eliminates the need to maintain multiple code bases, and with it all the complexities that come with sharing libraries of source code among several similar projects.   And that results in greater productivity, fewer lines of code, less time performing maintenance and updates, all of which equate to lower costs and higher profits for my client/employer.

System Design Overview
The following diagram shows the primary components of the system and the relationships between them.   Most importantly, it also lists the technologies that were employed in building being used by each component.

This diagram shows a 'functionality map' of the system.
It shows all software components in burgundy indicating where they execute and the function they perform.   The actions being taken by either the end-user/customer or a software component are displayed using green circles.   Below this diagram are the details for each item.

And here are the details for the above diagram.

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