Customer Portal / Web-Application

This web-application is used by the customer to manage their products, including monitoring their usage data (hours of operation, gallons/liters processed, etc.) and scheduling tasks for each unit.   Scheduled tasks can be executed once or repeatedly (daily, weekly etc).   This app is literally the only user interface the client has for their units, there is no display on the product itself.

All web pages were designed and developed by me including the color scheme, fonts and layout etc.   All images were also created by me using Photoshop (although I am not a graphic designer, however the client is a startup and is not yet in a position to hire professionals for every role of the project).   While creating a web-application is a common task I perform, creation of graphics/images and designing the overall appearance of the web-application is not something I typically agree to do.   I will construct the UI of the app according to the design rules given to me by the client or their graphic artist and using the images provided to me.   However, I will always do whatever is necessary to make the project a success as long as I am capable.

Login Screen

This is the Dashboard Page which is the landing page for the application.

Task Scheduler Page

Sign-Up Page

Password Reset Page

New Password Page

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