Past Web-Sites / Web-Applications

Below are screenshots for a small number of web-sites and web-applications I have designed and developed.   These were projects where I was the primary designer and developer and managed the implementation.   For web-applications I was either the sole developer or the project lead for the back-end server software.   While I was responsible for the final look & feel of each site, some of the graphic art work was contracted out for specific image creation.
Geeks4Kids was a non-profit organization (which I co-founded in 2002).   The company developed and marketed commercial business applications and directed all profits to non-profit organizations whose efforts benefited children.
This web-application was created as a marketing tool for the international sporthorse tournament "Syracuse Invitational".   The web-site was generated dynamically using a back-end database and content management system which was designed and developed solely by me.

Web-Based Ordering of Printed Products
This web-application was created to allow customers to order products such as business cards and letterhead with real-time proofing and layout generation.

This web-site was created for an electric service broker as a corporate intranet and relied heavily on content generation by employees using a back-end database and content management system designed and developed by me.

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